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Well, I have always enjoyed writing in one form or another.  However, I am finding that putting everything down on paper or the internet can often be a difficult task.  Therefore, I have started this thing in a feeble attempt to displace some of the random stuff floating around in my head.

I enjoy humour, even in incredibly dramatic stories there are always appropriate places to inject a little “comic relief” to break the tension of the moment.  So most of my writings will tend to have a cynical humourous twist to them.  Also, I dislike the conventional story-lines where everything always goes as planned for the main character.  This being said, not many of my stories have the fairy princess happy endings, but this is not to say that characters will never end up in decent circumstances.

I really enjoy reading comments, but if you’re going to comment please provide at least a bit of real criticism will you?  “Nice story!”  Maybe I’m just a bit cynical on this regard, and while I don’t mind positive comments I would prefer honest comments.  If you didn’t like the story, thought it was stupid, thought it was ambiguous, wordy, and whatever other words you can pull out of a thesaurus, please hit me with them!

Criticism is welcome, random profanity and general human stupidity is not.  So, take care, have fun, and I hope you enjoy something you find in this place.


Written by andrewsnafu

February 3, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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